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Paper Submissions

Papers that are in an early stage (but completed) will be considered. Please do not submit a paper that has been accepted for publication in a journal or is close to being accepted.

The 11th Miami Behavioral Finance Conference call for papers begins on June 25,  2021, until August 15, 2021.

RFS Partnership

The Miami Behavioral Finance Conference and the Review of Financial Studies (RFS) announce a combined submission process. Submitted papers to the Miami Behavioral Conference may also be considered for publication by the RFS, free of charge. The rules for this dual submission process are as follows:

  1. You must choose the dual submission option during the submission process.
  2. At the discretion of the RFS Sponsoring Editor, a small number of dual submissions will be invited to submit to the RFS. The RFS will waive the fee on such submissions and have the submission formally reviewed. In this case, the paper’s author will receive a copy of the RFS reviewer's report.
  3. Papers submitted for dual consideration must not be under review at another journal or the RFS, nor can they be considered for dual submission if previously rejected by the RFS.
  4. In the event that a dual submission, which has been invited for submission at the RFS, is subsequently rejected, its authors have the option to submit a future version of their paper to the RFS without prejudice.

While under consideration as a dual submission by the Miami Behavioral Conference and the RFS, a paper may not be submitted to another journal (or the RFS) until the author has been notified of the dual submission outcome. For more details please see the SFS website at


$95 for Faculty and $45 for Doctoral Students (only if all the authors are PhD students).

  1. Pay the submission fee
  2. After payment is complete, you will see a confirmation page. Take note of the confirmation number. You will need to enter this into the submission site. Click the Print icon to generate a receipt.
Accepted Credit Cards:
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Refund Policy

A participant who withdraws her/his registration 10 working days before the program's start date will receive a full refund. Any cancellations or no-shows after this point will not be refunded.