Two female students studying at the library.

Academic Resources

Sometimes a little boost is all it takes to propel you to achieve academic success in college.
Miami Herbert’s Undergraduate Business Education Office acts as a central hub, connecting students in need with academic support or other resources. Whether it’s additional tutoring for subjects taught at the business school or receiving new tools to sharpen or develop study habits, you will be able to find the right resources to help you confront any academic challenges.

The University of Miami Camner Center for Academic Resources (ARC) helps you thrive in your classes and establish lifelong learning habits. By providing a range of services, from individual tutoring and study groups to writing workshops and academic coaching, ARC gives you an array of support options that are free of charge and offered at various times to fit into your schedule. 

If you need to apply for special academic accommodations, check in with ARC early to ascertain the polices and requirements for your application. The team of professionals at ARC are deeply committed to supporting your efforts to succeed.

The team at Miami Herbert’s Office of Undergraduate Business Education facilitates limited tutoring beyond that offered by the Camner Center. Undergraduate and graduate tutors determine their own rate per hour and their fees are paid directly by the student to the tutor. 

To request a business tutor, graduate or undergraduate, please submit a Tutor Request Form.